Shooting Kit


All competitors are to wear their issued uniform, consisting of the following items:

Jacket and or Jersey (weather permitting)

Shirt (T-shirt optional)



Bush Hat or Cap

Wet weather clothing (Weather permitting)

NOTE:   No padding, inside or outside is allowed

                No civilian clothing or items of foreign uniform are permitted


Ear ProtectionMT15H67FB-01 D

Al competitors are to wear ear protection devices during matches.





Hand Protection

Gloves, mittens or gauntlets of any description are not permitted to be worn during matches.


Webbing equipment

All competitors are to wear webbing equipment as issued.

SANDF, SAPS and DCS members will wear battle jackets as issued. No modifications are allowed to be made to the jacket or pieces removed.




Shooting mat

A shooting mat may be used as protection for clothing but may not be thicker than 6mm uncompressed.

The mat will be laid flat on the firing point and may not be rolled or folded to make it thicker.

Nothing else may be used under or on the magazines as a rest.


Optical Aids

Binoculars and spotting scopes are allowed, together with their stands or rests, provided they do not in convenience other competitors.

In coached team matches they may be used throughout.

No device or eyeglass of any description which assists or improves vision while aiming the rifle is allowed, for example spectacles with adjustable lenses or specialist monocular.

This does not prevent the shooter from wearing prescription spectacles, safety glasses or contact lenses.

Attachments to the frames of spectacles are not allowed.



No artificial rest or attachments for steadying the rifle or arms, other than the sling may be used.

No holes may be dug or mounds built on the firing point.

At no time may the shooter touch the front wall of the firing point.



The following slings may be used:

a. The standard R4/5, LM4/5 sling as issued.

b. Foreign competitors use issue equipment.

The sling may be used as a single point sling attached through the front sling bracket or as a two point sling attached to both sling brackets. It may be placed around ones arm and/or wrist but not around any other part of the shooters body. The sling must at all times be attached to the rifle during the firing of matches, even if not being used as an aid. The sling must not be attached to the rifle in such a manner that the shooter is restricted from carrying out weapon handling drills safely.

No other, imported, self made or civilian slings will be permitted.

The attachment of a rifle sling is compulsory for the purposes of this competition.



An ammunition point will be established on the range and ammunition will be issued to the competitors.

Only ammunition issued on the range is to be used.

Foreign teams may request to use their own service ammunition.

Competitors are to fill their own magazines.

Unfired rounds in any match will be forfeited and are not to be used for any subsequent match or exposure.

Unfired rounds or misfires must be handed to the range officer before the competitor leaves the firing line.

Empty cartridges and boxes are to be collected by competitors and placed in the receptacles provided.

Range officers will clear all weapons and inspect equipment before competitors leave the firing line.

Competitors are to make “the declaration: No live ammunition, empty cartridges or any parts there-of in my possession” on parade to the officer in command before leaving the range.